We are recruting

We are recruiting - Are you interested in joining us? Th Role - Minimum of 21 hours up to 37. The successful candidate will be required to work in our shop as well as collecting and delivering goods....

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Gwylia Banc - Bank Holiday

Gwylia Banc - Bank Holiday

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BWYD DA MÔN ARE RECRUITING DIRECTORS Join us as a volunteer director and be part the executive team of an organisation committed to reducing the level of food waste going into landfill, tackling pove...

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Stephen: Getting evangelical about Food Waste

Our volunteer Stephen is back with another blog post. We hope you all enjoy I think I've become a Bwyd Da Môn evangelist! Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if all the volunteers and staff here are ...

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One good turn deserves another: the importance of paying it forward

We've all had someone do us a favour and returned it at some point in our lives, from lending a cup of sugar to a neighbour to letting someone go ahead at the supermarket till. Some call it karma, ot...

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Stephen's Story: Why I Volunteer

This week our volunteer Stephen is contributing his writing skills as well as his fantastic contributions at Bwyd Da Môn, to tell us why he loves volunteering at Bwyd Da Môn Different things matter t...

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The Power of the Volunteer

At Bwyd Da Mon we’ve always been incredibly proud of our volunteers. From helping serve our members with a smile on their faces (even with masks!) and maintaining the jovial atmosphere we’ve become k...

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Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be mean massive changes to how you live. We wanted to share ten easy ways you can live a more sustainable lifestyle (aside from being a member of Bwyd D...

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Did you know that instead of throwing away your fruit and vegetable scraps you can instead use them to grow a whole new plant? With a little bit of patience and some TLC you can grow spring onions, a...

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Food Waste Action Week: How can you help reduce food waste?

With our membership scheme now launched and our community growing we wanted to explain to you exactly how it all works and how, by being a member of Bwyd Da Mon, you’re helping to reduce food waste. ...

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